Unique Wedding Dresses For Bolder Bride!

Every Bride-To-Be deserves to have a unique wedding gown. And if you are the type of bride that likes to go against the grain or maybe even wants to be a little more daring, then perhaps the old Chinese proverb “Fortune Favors The Bold” applies to you.

When most people think on the term unique wedding dresses, perhaps images of runway bridal gowns, or maybe even today’s sexier more nontraditional wedding dresses come to mind. Or perhaps the word “Expensive” keeps flashing before you. But the good news is, a different wedding gown does not have to be expensive, especially if you buy direct from the wholesaler.

A unique wedding dress can be very simple or very elaborate, it’s all in the eye of the beholder. But recent trends show us that brides looking for unique wedding gowns are more than likely looking for something that is maybe a little more daring than your typical ceremonial wedding dress. Now with destination and beach weddings growing in popularity, many brides are opting to show a little skin or even wanting to add color to their special day.

Colored wedding dresses have been around for a long time, in fact some cultures don’t consider the white wedding dress to be a viable piece of apparel. But regardless of what country you live in, colored wedding gowns are becoming more and more popular. It may not be just a trend either, but rather a way to go very bold with an all over color, or simply by adding your favorite tone to your gown by using a coloured sash or colored bow to you wedding dress.

Unique wedding gowns with color can also mean colored embroidery, beads or embellishments. Any of these options can make the most pedestrian wedding gown come alive and really stand out in a crowd!

Another nontraditional wedding gown style is to have a transparent mid-riff section incorporated into your dress. In other words, there is lining in all the right places but the dress is actually two pieces joined together with lace so that your middle section can be seen threw the lace.

Some of these dresses have many elements of the more traditional wedding gowns, but have the added feature of transparency. Other unique wedding dresses have just enough cover and a lot more bare! You tend to see these dresses at your seaside and Las Vegas Weddings along with 2nd Weddings too.

Either way, remember that your dress will be unique! Why? because you are one of a kind and you are wearing that unique wedding dress, not the other way around.

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