Wedding Dresses for Brides With Baby Bumps

Pregnancy used to be something to conceal during a wedding, but with so many celebrities proudly sporting “baby bumps” at their weddings, it is no longer so taboo to walk down the aisle when visibly in a family way. Dressing a pregnant bride has many special challenges, with many gowns being too tight and others too tent-like. These are some tips on the best wedding dresses for brides with baby bumps.

When a bride turns up pregnant, the first instinct is to run to the empire waist gown. This can be a wonderful option, as the higher waistline sits right under the bust, above the expanding belly. On the other hand, if the bride is very far along or the fabric under the empire waist is very gathered and loose, the whole effect can look like a giant tent – not exactly the most flattering effect! The trick to making an empire waist wedding dress flattering on a pregnant bride is to keep fairly slim through the ribcage and along the sides. Many pregnant women still have a shapely waistline when seen from the back, and this will help to showcase that during the wedding ceremony, since the back of the bride and groom may be to the guests.

Drop waist wedding gowns can be a surprisingly viable option for many pregnant brides. This is especially true for brides who are on the taller side. It’s all about proportion. The waistline should sit towards the bottom of the baby bump, but not all the way under it. When the waist is too high, the skirt will not drape properly, and when it is too low, it will cup under the bump in an exaggerated fashion. The wonderful thing about a drop waist wedding gown is that it will clearly show that the bride is pregnant, not just overweight. It takes a very skilled seamstress to properly fit a drop waist wedding gown to a changing body, so be sure to find one with experience. Also keep in mind that the gown should have no embroidery or beadwork which runs over the side seams of the bodice, as the location of seaming is going to be adjusted as your belly grows.

A softly draped column dress can be another possibility for a pregnant bride, especially one who is not so far along in her pregnancy. This is a good choice for the bride who is comfortable with her body in general, and one who is still fairly slim through the tush and thighs. Choose a fabric with a nice weight to it, like a heavy silk crepe or a beaded Chantilly lace. The weight of the material will help it to hang well and drape attractively over the baby bump. Always order this type of dress considerably larger than you think you will need it, because it will be easy to take in, but very limited in its ability to be let out. Accent a column gown with low metallic evening sandals and dramatic bridal jewelry like chandelier earrings.

A final tip for dressing a pregnant bride is to draw attention up to the face and neckline. Most pregnant women are blessed with a lovely radiant glow and great cleavage, so why not highlight those assets? Pair a relatively simple wedding gown with fabulous bridal jewelry that will bring the attention up to your smiling face. You will be sure to look absolutely beautiful on your wedding day, baby bump and all!

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