How to Build a Stronger Relationship

Many have wondered how they can build a fulfilling and stronger relationship of their dreams. The mystery is taken out of that wonder as the secret is right within them. We provide here two easy ways to do this.

Secret #1: Exploiting the potentials
Mine the potentials of the relationship. Ask yourself pertinent questions. What potentials does this relationship have? How can the positive potentials be extracted? How can the negative prospects be exploited to advantage? Don’t be carried away by the ephemeral or only by what is visible. Realize that every relationship has potentials to rebound. There’s hope for every relationship to develop and heal, no matter the seeming or actual noticeable cracks it has suffered or it is suffering. This lesson must be clear in our mind. Few relationships are destined to fail, if any. No relationship is a write-off. A relationship may suffer setbacks. An academic or professional setback does not crush a student or end a career. A relationship may experience a crack. A crack on a wall does not crumble the building. A relationship may even suffer the ultimate–a breakup. We have seen broken lives mended, let alone a relationship. It can heal. It does heal.

There may be challenges, no doubt. Challenges are not new. We go through them on a regular basis and our spirits have tenaciously refused to be broken. Challenges have almost become the cream in our regular salad of life. Humans are unbelievably resilient. So is relationship. They bounce back remarkably stronger. We do not need to magnify our relationship challenges as if they had become a replay of some old worn-out records to a number of listeners. Hold high hopes for your relationship and never say die. This is not in any way to undermine the emotional and psychological wounds inflicted after a break up. Rather, it is to underscore the effective use of numerous resources at our disposal for healing and restoration.

Secret #2: You Can Spice Up Your Relationship
Because of the regular typical interaction between two people in relationship, it is sometimes natural to predict what will happen when next they meet. That is where a break in monotony becomes necessary. Spring surprises on each other often and again. Sometimes it can be enjoyable to surprise each other once in a while in a relationship. The whole idea is to break off from the sameness and spice up the relationship. And surprisingly in the process, you’ll find yourself making a powerful point–that turns out to strengthen and freshen up the bond of the relationship.

We are not talking about a surprise to embarrass each other or make each other feel humiliated, awkward or uncomfortable. We are talking about a fun surprise. You could spring a surprise on your partner by doing things that could be surprising to your partner. He/she didn’t expect it or dream of you doing it. Come with a lunch pack and a flower to your mate at the office. A ticket to a movie which your partner loves, but he/she didn’t know was showing in one of his/her favorite theaters. You could pay for a massage treat. Or you could buy a ticket to a baseball tournament for both of you. Think of anything fun for a good change of pace. Little things like these build and strengthen relationships.

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