Selecting a Creative Wedding Planner

The Wedding Planner is the one that holds it all together. They put the bride and groom’s wishes and dreams into reality, set and monitor the budget, and direct the magic of production on the wedding day.

To find a creative planner you do not have to look very far. There are many wedding planners everywhere with many years of experience, different creative visions, and different price tags.

It is important to know what you are looking for your planner to do. There are planners that create and envision everything for the indecisive couple, and then there are some that produce what the inspiration sets in front of them. Many wedding planners do everything from order invitations to setting up the honeymoon. They attend vendor meetings with the bride and groom and assist the couple with the budget and staying on track.

Many planners offer professionalism and fun personalities. They are very organized and understand how to get the job done in an efficient and creative manner. They know the best in the business and have usually seen the vendors’ work live, or have viewed their portfolio and know their prices up front. Instead of the bride and groom having to go through hours of hours of research, they will line up a list of vendors for the couple to visit, narrowing down the list based on the client’s budget, location, values, and vision. For the couple who may be contemplating finding a wedding planner, the pros definitely out weigh the cons to the decision. Think of all the hours you may spend researching and calling venues, photographers, bakeries, florists, and such. The most creative wedding planners will be able to take on that task as one can focus on other matters, such as spending time with family and friends in celebration, or focus on becoming ones’ personal best in preparation for the big day.

Every wedding planner offers different packages for different prices. Some packages and price details are based on a flat fee for the entire planning process, while others are selective or work by the hour. Definitely ask for references or to see the planner’s portfolio of work. An experienced and trained planner may even have the credentials to back up her expertise, such as American Associate of Certified Wedding Planners.

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