The Value of a Wedding Planner

You’re engaged! Oh, you have waited all of your life to plan your dream wedding and now’s your chance. Ever since you were a little girl, you dreamed of being a bride-the details didn’t concern you. The only thing you knew was that you had one chance to be a princess and you couldn’t wait.

Reality has landed and just making a list of all you need to do overwhelms you and your blood pressure rises. Before you even get started, you contemplate eloping just to make things easier. Before you do something drastic, consider hiring a wedding planner to take the pressure off of you.

But doesn’t that make the event less personal for you? Absolutely not! You are very much an integral part of the planning; you just don’t have to do all the hard work.

Here are the finer points of what a wedding planner can do for you and your big day!

* Eliminate unnecessary stress-Just the idea of getting married, while exciting, is also stressful and causes anxiety. Top off these feelings with all the running around and decisions that have to be made and you will feel frazzled by the time the big day arrives.

Handing over the reins to a wedding planner eliminates this extra stress. She narrows everything down and gives you just a few options so that you aren’t overwhelmed.

* Get deals and discounts on services-Wedding planners bring service providers a lot of business if the planner is happy with the service. This can lead to discounts and special deals simply because they are dealing with a planner they know well. So, the deals she/he can get can offset her salary.

* Frees up your time for more important things-Picking out food, music, photographers, etc. is a time-consuming job. Lots of driving and deliberating keep you from spending time with your fiancĂ© and family. Plus, it’s not like you can take off of work or school for months just to plan your nuptials. Life goes on and it is beneficial for you to allow someone else to take some of the load off.

* Take care of special circumstances-Want a destination wedding? Trying to plan something in another city, state or even country can really be complicated. Some wedding planners specialize in destination weddings so find one who does get the full benefits. She has contacts with airlines, resorts, hotels, transportation and other issues that come up

Ask around for recommendations and check references for your prospective wedding planner. Always ask what her experience is and how long she has been working in your area. It is to your advantage to hire someone who is well entrenched in your region because of the contacts the planner has been able to develop.

You don’t have to do it all by yourself. Hire a wedding planner to handle as little or as much as you want her to. Be clear about your ideas and then let go. It is very important that you let her do her job; otherwise you are wasting your money.

The wedding will still be yours and will express your personality as a couple because the wedding planner has gotten to know you and what you like. Then she runs with this information to organize and put together that dream wedding you’ve always wanted.

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