Gold Wedding Rings

The brides and grooms exchange wedding rings on the day of matrimony while taking marriage vows. This is because many individuals consider this as a way of expressing love, trust, promise, and companionship. The wedding ring is generally worn on ring finger of the left hand. A wedding ring is different from an engagement ring and may be made of gold, platinum, titanium, and even white gold.

Individuals largely go for gold rings, as this material is known for its durability. Materials like copper and brass are not used very often as they lack durability and have a tendency to deteriorate.

Gold is available in both yellow as well as in form of white gold. Research has indicated that white gold is gaining popularity, because it is a bit cheaper than real gold and is the apt substitute as compared to any other material. The only drawback is that white gold wedding rings are only available in 14 k or 18 k styles.

Couples can also opt for mixture of two or more alloys along with gold to create a special and inexpensive wedding ring. Gold can be combined with platinum and studded with a diamond on the top. Some individuals also prefer stylish engraved wedding rings that are made out of gold. The engravings could be either the family’s name or the name of the bride’s and groom’s. They also may contain certain words articulating the thoughts and feelings of the giver. Such engraved wedding rings often become family heirlooms and are passed on to the future generations, hence, should be carefully handled. Wedding rings should be cleaned regularly with a soap and water solution to keep them sparkling clean all the time.

Many online retailers display beautiful gold design wedding rings for the viewers, so they can have a look at all the varieties available with the seller and determine whether the seller permits made-to-order rings. A small description of the material with its weight, make and name of additional metal, if any, is also mentioned along with its picture.

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