Types of Tuxedos For Your Wedding Day

Many grooms do not select their attire till the last minute. They do not give much importance to their wedding day attire. Choosing your attire requires careful consideration of several variables. However, acquiring a few pointers will help make the process easier if you have limited experience with wedding day attire.

Before selecting your wedding attire do ask yourself certain questions
o Style of wedding – formal or casual
o Wedding will take place in the morning, afternoon or evening.
o Size of the wedding party and number of attendants
o Where will the wedding be held? At church, park or beach.

If you can answer of all these questions you will be able to determine the formality of the event.

Most of the wedding grooms prefer tuxedos for moderately or ultra formal occasion. A tuxedo with a bow tie and tails is a very formal look. But in most of the weddings a tuxedo without tails, with a matching vest and regular tie, will be adequate for the groom and groomsmen. For casual weddings, grooms prefer sports jacket and slacks rather than a tuxedo.

If men wear black tuxedos they will have a slim and sophisticated look. While buying a tuxedo, shop representatives will help you find the right fit. If you buy a tuxedo from a reputable store, they will make minor alternations also to ensure you get that perfect fit. You want to be sure there is no pulling in the jacket and that the pants are a good length. Also, shirt sleeve length is important, as well as the fit of the shirt collar.

Tuxedo jackets are available in various styles. The simple ones being single or double breasted. Double breasted jackets should be avoided by heavy men or those who are very slim. Jackets are also available in different lengths. Choose a jacket that is appropriate to your height so that your body does not look overwhelmed by the jacket. Some of the styles are as follows:

Cutaway jacket:
o This type of jacket is short in the front and has a long tail at the back.
o Mostly worn in formal parties that occur during day time.

Traditional tuxedo jacket:
o This style of jacket can be single or double breasted
o Peaked label has V shape at the collar and points upward
o A notched lapel has an indentation at the collar in the shape of a triangle
o A shawl lapel has no indentation and smoothly curves around the neck

Diner Jacket:
o This type of jacket is usually ivory or white in color
o This kind of jacket can make the groom look different from other members in the wedding.

Groom can either purchase or rent a tuxedo. Groom should rent the attire at least three months before the wedding. Groomsmen should rent their tuxedos from the same shop for a uniform look. Tuxedos should well coordinate with the bridesmaids dress. One way of doing that is by wearing a similar colored tie, vest or cummerbund.

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