Groom Inspired Wedding Reception Ideas

Weddings are not just about the bride anymore. Grooms are getting in on the act, and their influence can be seen in some of the wedding plans. These are some fun grooms inspired wedding reception ideas.

Signature cocktails have become a standard part of most wedding receptions. They are often very pretty drinks, created to match the wedding colors or themes. That’s all well and good, but what grooms like is to add their own twist to the wedding refreshments. Enter the martini bar, the brandy station, or the micro-brew bar. Personalized mugs would be great groomsmen gifts to tie in with this wedding addition. If the groom is a fitness fanatic, his take on the refreshment station could be a juice bar serving up fresh squeezed fruit juices with shots of wheat grass and protein powder. As long as it suits the groom’s tastes, it will be a great fit for the wedding.

The groom’s cake is a long-standing Southern tradition that has spread like wildfire to the rest of the country. It is often designed by the bride as a surprise for her fiance, although there is no reason that the groom could not have some input into his cake. Traditionally the groom’s cake is chocolate, and the outside is sculpted and frosted to look like his favorite dog, car, or hobby. Sports, food, professions, and fraternities are other popular themes for groom’s cakes.

Not every groom is into dancing, and some guys have their own ideas about what makes for great entertainment at a wedding reception. It might be a casino area set up with blackjack and poker tables (following all local laws of course!), a lounge area with big screen televisions or even a video game station. Cigar stations are another popular form of entertainment among grooms. Monogrammed silver lighters can be given as groomsmen gifts and then used at the cigar bar. The bride may have to step in if she fears that the groom’s idea will draw all of the men at the wedding into a corner for the duration of the reception, but otherwise, why not let the groom have his fun?

A lot of grooms are into high tech gadgets, and this is something else that they may wish to contribute to the wedding plans. Instead of a traditional paper guest book, maybe the groom would like to set up a video recording booth where guests can record their personal messages to the newlyweds. He could set up a video montage to play during the cocktail hour showing the life of the bride and groom in photos. Or perhaps he is into retro low-tech stuff like an old fashioned photo booth. This type of groom might even want to hire a d.j. to spin old tunes on a real turntable for part of the reception.

The more a groom puts into the wedding, the more special it will be to both the bride and groom. After all, both will be equal partners in the marriage, so why shouldn’t they be equal partners in the wedding planning? A lot of brides find themselves pleasantly surprised at all of the great ideas the groom actually has for their wedding reception.

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